Ocean Conservation

Beneath The Waves

Founded in 2013 as a non-profit organization, Beneath The Waves is dedicated to promoting ocean health and using science and technology to catalyze ocean policy. They’re broad in their approach, but they focus their work on protecting threatened species, establishing protected areas, and creating nature-based solutions to climate change.
The International Seakeepers Society at work
promoting ocean health and using science to catalyze ocean policy

Focused on Shark Conservation and Marine Protected Areas

Beneath the Waves strategically focuses on four main initiatives: marine protected areas, threatened species, deep-sea conservation, and blue carbon. These initiatives incorporate both short and long-term studies, innovative new research and technologies or approaches, and collaboration with local governments, NGOs, and the private sector—to catalyze ocean policy and maximize their impact.

*Photos by Oliver Shipley, Director of Research at Beneath The Waves

The Cause

Marine Protected Areas, Threatened Species, Deep-Sea Conservation, and Blue Carbon Research.

The Support

Funding their critical programs and field work, maintaining research equipment in the ocean, and securing and testing out innovative equipment and tools.

The Impact

Paving the way for healthy and sustainable future oceans.

Charity In Action

Mola Mola Tagging and Sampling

The primary goal of this expedition was to tag and sample mola mola in their natural habitat, being the pilot expedition of this research initiative. The secondary goal of this expedition was to simply assess the feasiblility of researching live specimens of Mola Mola in the field. Both proved to be wildly successful.
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